Garages and Barns

Garages and BarnsGarages and barns can make the perfect addition for any homeowner who has the space for them. While a garage easily makes sense for most people – providing protection from the elements for today’s expensive vehicles as well as great additional storage space for tools and other equipment – a barn might not immediately come to mind.

Garages and barns make even more sense if you think about what a barn can provide – it’s not just a big red structure for farm animals anymore. A modest barn is ideal for your riding mower and other power equipment, such as a rototiller, tractor, ATV, trailer and other wheeled power tools and vehicles too big to keep in your garage and too valuable to be left outside.

And, yes, of course, if you’re a farmer or just an individual who owns a horse, a barn is an essential structure for sheltering your animals. Modern barns are attractive, versatile buildings that can match your home to blend seamlessly with your property and add value.

If you’re considering garages and barns, contractor J.T. Glynn Construction should be at the top of your list. J.T. Glynn has years of experience designing and building garages and barns. Our team of skilled carpenters, masons and other craftspeople are experienced in all phases of construction to handle your garages and barns from start to finish. We’re fully licensed and insured for all types of excavating and building, from clearing lots to digging and prep work for all kinds of additions such as garages and barns.

So if you’re thinking about garages and barns as a way of adding versatility, space, and value to your property, you’re onto a good idea. Contact us today here at J.T. Glynn Construction – we’d be happy to discuss your garages and barns ideas and show you how we can turn those ideas into reality.